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Your business is unique so you need an expert partner who knows your business. Whether you're looking to invest in new commercial premises, borrow for car and equipment costs, or need funding for cash flow purposes; a business finance broker can give you the tailored support you need. 

Speak to a business finance broker near you. 

Why choose a business finance broker? 

One of the biggest challenges of owning a business is ensuring you have access to capital to run and grow your business. Whether unexpected costs arise, or you need funding to purchase assets or invest in growth, a business finance broker will find the right solution to help you achieve your goals

An MFAA finance broker will: 

  • Understand you and evaluate your business needs
  • Have wider access to credit from multiple lenders, not just the products available from one
  • Provide specialised and tailored finance solutions
  • Do all the legwork for you

Speak to a business finance broker near you.

Did you know?

One of the biggest challenges when owning a business is ensuring you have enough cash flow to set up and run the business.

There are a number of finance options available to business owners that cover everything from a commercial premises, to car and equipment costs.

When unexpected costs arise, a business loan can help reduce the pressure.

Frequently asked questions

There are a variety of commercial loans available. These include short- and long-term debt-financed loans, as well as non-bank options and loans against commercial equipment or other assets. To find out more about what loans suit your business, talk to an MFAA broker.

You can use property, both commercial and your home, as security for a business loan. 

Many small business operators choose to lease rather than purchase their company cars because it’s better for their cash flow. Some of the common vehicle finance options include a car lease, operating car lease, novated lease, chattel mortgage finance or hire purchase.    

You can use property, both commercial and your home, as security for a business loan. 

Your lender will generally sell the asset to cover the cost of the loan. 

Your business profile should include: the type of business, the company’s annual sales, the total number of employees, a profit and loss statement, information regarding the length of time the company has been in business and details about recent ownership history.  A lender will usually want to 

Debt funding involves taking out a loan from a bank or other lender in order to fund your business. Just like a home loan, debt funding generally needs to be payed back at a set interest rate.

A broker can help you free up cash flow by exploring alternative solutions, including using credit and equity. Brokers have the expertise to help you make the right decisions about your finances, as well as the contacts to provide you with the best advice and referrals to other finance experts.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ product to increase your working capital, but a commercial broker can discuss your business’s needs and match you up with the right solution. Have a chat with one today to see what options are available.

It’s a good idea to find a broker who has experience in your specific area of need, and some MFAA brokers have completed specialist training in SMSF lending to ensure they are providing the best tailored advice. Our ‘Find a Broker’ tool allows you to filter to find those brokers who are specialists in SMSF.

The sooner the better! Talking to a broker now will help give you concrete goalposts to make better choices when considering expanding your business.

The answer to this question depends on what industry you’re in, so your best option is to contact a broker and find out.

There are many ways to help protect your personal assets, including the family home. One solution is split banking, but an MFAA accredited finance broker can talk you through all your options, as well as recommend trusted experts if you need specialist legal advice.

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Whether it’s smooth sailing or your business is on the rocks, a specialist commercial broker at your side is your greatest asset. 

It’s surprisingly easy for businesses to fall into financially hard times. Luckily, MFAA brokers are experts at resolving difficult financial situations to help a business survive and thrive, whether it takes refinancing, restructuring debt, improving cash flow or working capital, as well as a wide range of other solutions brokers have at their fingertips.

An MFAA accredited finance broker in Adelaide who knows the value that a good broker can bring to a business in financial strife.

“I had a deal last year for a large-scale, privately owned but fairly corporate business,” says the broker. “They had some issues with a JV partner who went into administration, and it cost them a lot of money because they had invested a lot of money into the joint venture.”

The broker's client was in a dangerous situation. Unforeseen circumstances had lead them into serious debt – $11 million of it.

“They were in a position where they had a lot of creditors. They had a million dollars out to the tax office, and we were able to refinance,” says Samuel.

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How a broker can help


Can save you time

Why meet with multiple lenders when your broker can do it all for you.


Offers you choice

Brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and products.


Find more options

Secure a loan that is suitable for you both now and into the future.

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