Choosing your finance broker

Published by MFAA

Choosing the person who will help you make one of the most important decisions in your life can be daunting. Here’s how to find your finance broker.

Many people find the right finance broker by asking their friends for referrals. This is a fantastic place to start. But sometimes, no one can recommend one in your local area, or you find you just don’t ‘click’ with an adviser someone recommended.

Before talking with any finance broker, find out if they are an ‘MFAA Accredited Finance Broker’. This accreditation shows that the adviser reaches high standards of professionalism, ethics and education.

Once you are through the door, have a good conversation with the finance broker about their training and how they will work with you.

Start by enquiring about what training or continuing professional development courses they’ve done recently – a good finance broker keeps up to date with regulatory and industry changes with regular training.

Ask how many lenders and products will be considered, keeping in mind that a good finance broker will tailor your mortgage to get you a great deal, no matter what bank or non-bank lender offers the product.

Make sure you find out at the start if you will be charged any fees and what these are. Many don’t charge fees but those that do will explain why. Most lenders pay commissions to brokers and a good finance broker will outline these in disclosure documentation.

Your initial conversation shouldn’t just be a one-way street either, so be wary if the finance broker doesn’t ask you about your investment goals and your finances. A good finance broker looks at the whole of your life, not just your immediate situation because they know that the most suitable loan for you may not simply be the cheapest.

You may need options such as a line of credit, which can change the interest rate charged on your mortgage. This whole-of-life approach can make the difference between a standard mortgage that’s adequate, compared with a financial package that takes account of your entire situation.

Finally, find out from the finance broker about other services they provide. Many MFAA members may also advise on other services such as insurance, including mortgage, house, contents and income.

Find an MFAA accredited finance broker. Just enter your postcode, and you’re on your way.