An expert solution to credit debt

Published by MFAA

Dana and Peter* put everything they had on the line to start a family, including their credit and home loan. With the expert advice of a finance broker they were able to start fresh for their baby girl.

Dana and Peter had professional careers and a new home, but needed help from a fertility clinic to make their family complete. The expensive treatments delivered a beautiful baby to the couple, but their credit was suffering as a result.

They were living off credit cards, nearly $70,000 in debt and spiralling as they took out new cards to bring others into the black. Peter had been to nearly all the local banks and none were able to offer a viable solution.

It was then Peter met with their local MFAA Accredited Finance Broker, who rolled up his sleeves to see what he could do.

Their broker identified that Dana and Peter were paying above and beyond what was necessary on their home loan. So, by switching the repayments to interest-only it would give them room to focus on getting their credit card debt in line.

Their finance broker checked in with the family every month to make sure their finances were on track, then with three months of clear credit card history, Dana and Peter able to refinance the loan. 

It took four to five months, but the family was able to put credit card debt in order and have the refinanced loan settled, granting a new beginning on a fresh financial slate.

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*Client names have been changed to protect privacy.